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Hi, I am Marek, a software developer currently working at the STRV. In my previous job, I worked as a software architect and senior full stack developer at the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. I worked on a large scale BPM system for the administration of funding applications. I have a strong knowledge of designing and development of large scale enterprise applications. In 2019 I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. I graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague, which is ranked as a top technical university in the Czech Republic. I focus my career on the amazing technologies such as JavaScript, React and Node.js. I love to create useful stuff, so I started a lot of my side projects.


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Escape loading hell in Redux

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GuessThem is another side project that I have created in my spare time. It is a simple yet addictive football quiz app. Players have to compare the market values of the football players to reach the top of the leaderboard. Since its start on February 13th, the game has been played by thousands of the players from many countries all around the world.

Strojopis Hrou


As a part of my bachelor's thesis, I developed the application for learning touch typing. The idea of this app is pretty interesting. It merges marketing techniques with the process of learning new skills.



I created the application for the collaborative preparation of the events. Back on those days, there was a dawn of the JavaScript frameworks. I wanted to try some of them, so I implemented this project as my first single page application. I was invited to have a talk at the TEDx and I also won the 3rd place at the JuniorInternet competition.



I researched the ways of how people spend their time. As a result of this research, I created the time scheduling app, which helps people spend their time more balanced. This project was a huge success. I won the 1st prize at the JuniorInternet competition and then I was invited to talk about this project at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.



I put together a team of five people and I created a news center at my secondary school. To provide some convenient way of sharing this news, I decided to develop the news publishing platform. This project was very successful and it brought me special prize at the JuniorInternet competition.